How to Treat Stretch Marks While Pregnant?

How to Treat Stretch Marks While Pregnant?

Horrible marks found on the skin during pregnancy stage in a woman are generally called as stretch marks. Like, swollen ankles and hair loss stretch marks are also common symptoms which make all women fretful because they look extremely unpleasant. Even though they are not a short time trouble and it stay on the skin even after delivery. When a woman is around 13 weeks pregnant she starts noticing such marks in her skin. These marks are commonly found on belly, butt, thighs, hips and breasts in many women and also in face for very few and all these conditions are faced by every woman due to few inevitable facts. Now we can clearly analyze the causes which creates stretch marks, how to prevent it and if you can’t prevent it let’s find out how to treat it by using best stretch mark cream for pregnancy

Causes for stretch marks during pregnancy

These stretchy marks are formed basically due to tiny tears found in the supporting layers of tissue beneath the skin as it will become tight during pregnancy cycle. If the mom of the pregnant woman had them, it is sure for her daughter to have such marks and researchers say that nearly 90% of the women will have this stretch mark issue when they travel through their pregnancy period. Another main cause will be due to weight gain as it is natural for all pregnant women to gain weight rapidly. In some cases amniotic fluid level will be excessive and women under such cases will likely face this issue in their belly. There are also other conditions like over weight of baby inside womb and multiple babies inside womb may also cause such problem.

Preventive measures

We all surely might have heard this popular quote “Prevention is better than cure” and this is applicable for women in this condition also. There are effective preventive measures which can be carried out before the problem occurs and some of such important realistic preventive measures are

  • Focus on hydration
  • Increase gelatin intake
  • Increase vitamin C and E intake
  • Use natural oils for massage

In order to increase the blood volume and to build a strong water sack for baby it is must to be hydrated. So, drinking plenty of water will stimulate increase in blood level, on other hand will have strong water sack and finally it will be a hindrance for stretch marks. Next, skin’s elasticity can be improved if gelatin intake is increased and so women must concentrate on taking more gelatins which will in turn help to prevent stretch marks. Apart from this increased intake of vitamin C and E and using natural oils for oil massage will be really helpful to get glowing skin combined with preventing stretch marks. Concentrating on these 4 measures women can surely prevent stretch marks in women and it will also promote a healthy growth for the fetus inside womb.How to Treat Stretch Marks While Pregnant

Using creams to treat stretch marks

In some cases even if all prevent measures are being taken adequately there are possibilities to have stretch marks. In such cases there will be no hope other than treatment and using the most suitable stretch mark creams which suits the skin aptly will give good results. Here are few names of stretch marks creams which are considered to be the best stretch mark creams for pregnancy.

  • Belly butter from Glow organic
  • Cocoa butter from Palmer
  • Basq butter cream
  • Earth mama butter
  • Mommy knows best

All the 5 creams listed above are found in all markets and these creams are found to be highly rated creams by many new moms. Many women have given excellent reviews after experiencing a better result after using such creams. Hence, women who face drastic changes in their skin mainly stretch marks can opt for any one of these best stretch mark cream for pregnancy as it which will deliver a very good outcome.

Do it yourself with no cost

Women think manufacturing a stretch mark cream is immensely complicated task but the actual fact is that it is merely uncomplicated. Instead of spending time in searching best stretch mark cream for pregnancy women can opt for another choice which is nothing but making creams of their own. There are many sources which will teach the ways to make a good cream in home and searching for such sources will be a better job. When the cream is prepared ultimately without adding any preservatives and chemicals, it will surely give healthier outcome than any other. We can naturally find certain products in huge quantity around us and some of such products are

  • Aloe – vera
  • Cocoa butter
  • Natural honey
  • Sandalwood and turmeric
  • Apricot extract
  • Eggs and their whites
  • Vegetable oils
  • Alfalfa leaf paste

When a certain quantity of any of the ingredients mentioned above is added with pure milk and applied to the affected area, there will be a very good consequence as all these ingredients are really rich in all essential components required for getting healthy skin. If not found in and around home, these ingredients are found abundant in many markets. So, moving out to search them will be really a better decision taken by pregnant women. This method will also be cost effective when compared with buying creams from markets.

Visit a dermatologist

Women in postpartum stage will sometimes feel totally lazy to perform such valuable measures as laziness is one of the common symptoms faced during postpartum stage. For such moms, the other only hope will be visiting a well experienced dermatologist as he will suggest them to undergo certain therapies like Retin – A or laser after giving birth to their cute tiny lives and it will also give a definite solution for new moms.

Coming to the conclusion part, stop searching for best stretch mark cream for pregnancy and start preparing it for your own needs. If not so, then try natural and organic creams which will neither harm mom nor baby.