How to Pick a Baby Crib

How to Pick a Baby Crib

Baby cribs are an indispensable item in families with babies. This is an item that helps parents create their own space and practice self-training for babies right from the first day of life. This article will accompany parents and give five criteria to consider when buying a baby crib to ensure safety. Stay tuned!

What is a baby crib?

Baby crib (also known as a crib) is an item that creates a space for babies from 0 to 4 years old.

Should we buy a baby crib?

The crib supports the baby while sleeping, standing, and playing. It is also the first private bed in life to help children practice the habit of independence, start sleeping separately with parents. Therefore, this is an item that parents deserve to invest in their baby in the initial years of life.

The baby crib is made from familiar materials such as wood, iron, plastic, or cloth. This also helps a lot to parents in taking care of their children. You can let your baby lie in a crib, comfortably play, crawl without fear of danger.How to Pick a Baby Crib

How many types of baby cribs are there?

The manufacturers classify baby cribs based on their constituent materials. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of crib are given below.

Wooden baby crib

We consider wood as the most advanced material in many baby cribs today. The advantages of this material are high strength, good bearing capacity, simple but luxurious design, absolute safety for children’s health, designs, and diverse prices.

However, the wooden baby crib also has some disadvantages such as enormous size, heavyweight, which can not bestow. It is difficult to move without a wheel. Exorbitant price with high-quality wood.

Plastic baby crib

In contrast to wooden cribs, plastic baby cribs have significant advantages in weight, easy to install, stow, and movable. The plastic crib also has diverse, eye-catching designs, and colors. Plastic material also supports a lot for parents in cleaning with a glossy surface. The price is cheap.

The disadvantage of plastic cribs is not durable, easy to fade. If exposed to high temperatures, it is easy to deform, crack when affected. Besides, some plastics contain unsafe chemicals and coatings that can affect your baby’s health.

Iron material baby crib

The biggest advantage of an iron crib is durability. The style of an iron crib is usually compact, very suitable for families with limited space. However, iron baby cribs rarely create a luxurious look and are difficult to coordinate with other furniture.

Bamboo/rattan baby crib

If parents are heading to a rustic crib with absolute material and absolute safety for children’s health, do not ignore the rattan/bamboo crib. The weight of the baby cribs in bamboo is very light, easily movable, and occupy any space in the house.

The durability is very strong, the price is very cheap, suitable for the pocket of most Vietnamese families. The only downside of this material is the lightweight, so sometimes cribs for babies create a sense of uncertainty.

Fabric baby crib

With lightness, no material can ever get past the crib. They make baby crib from the primary material with a strong stainless steel frame inside. The outer layer of fabric is easily removable and cleaned regularly. So the baby crib can be maintained neatly. However, the crib is not overestimated for sure.

Features and criteria to buy baby cribs

The baby crib is no longer a traditional cradle monotonous. Instead, manufacturers have equipped a lot of extra features to optimize the crib’s utilities.

A crib with storage: The best crib with storage outperforms, unlike many other cribs, has an extra handy storage compartment for moms to store items like diapers, toys for children.

Cribs with wheels: A crib with wheels will help parents easily move cribs around the house. However, with this feature, make sure the stability when the car need not move. Check the key fasteners regularly to make sure they are in good working order.

Quick-detachability: Some current crib types get equipped with a quick-release feature without the use of screws.

Mattress-lifting capacity: High-end crib products will have the feature of lifting the mattress 2, 3, or more steps.How to Pick a Baby Crib

Size of the crib

The design of cribs for babies starts from birth to 4 years old. Depending on the size of your home, parents can choose the size.

However, the height from the cushion to the crib needs to be greater than the height of the baby. This is to be ensured by parents related to the size of the crib.

Parents can also choose a large crib so they can be comfortable when playing and used for a long time from childhood to 4-5 years old.

The distance between the barriers

The safety distance of the crib barricades is not over 0.63 – 0.95 cm. If this number is larger, it is very dangerous for the baby to slip out of the crib or get other parts stuck in the crib.

So parents need to check carefully the distance of the bars on the crib when choosing products. If you buy a crib with bars too wide, parents remember “fighting” by inserting cloth between the bars.

Design and material of the crib

This is the first important factor for parents to consider when buying a baby crib. With materials such as wood, iron, bamboo, rattan, parents need to contemplate ensuring absolute safety for the baby.

Most manufacturers now attach material information to the product, please check carefully to avoid choosing products that contain substances harmful to your baby.

Regarding design, the baby crib has quite a variety of designs. Parents can choose many styles that suit their home interior such as minimalist, modern, classic, and luxurious.

Choose a reputable brand

The best advice is that parents should look to trusted brands to ensure the safety of their children. They can use the highest quality and safest products.

Parents are advised not to buy products of unknown origin, toxic materials, uncertainty, and so on affect the safety and health of the baby in the future.


Hopefully, with the suggestions above, you can choose to buy a suitable crib for your baby. Criteria such as safety material, sure ruggedness, suitable design, and reasonable price are notable by parents. Give your baby the best of your home.